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Our Name Says it All.
"Our Name Says it All."

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Kitchen Remodeling in Centreville

We specialize in Basement, Bathroom, and Kitchen Remodeling in Centreville, Reston, & McLean VA.

Total Construction specializes in home, basement, bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Centreville VA. Rely on Total Construction Company to handle all your home improvement projects. A bathroom remodel in Reston can help you have the luxury bathroom you have always dreamed of. Maybe you have thought about kitchen remodeling to turn your outdated kitchen into a space that is inviting and enjoyable. Whatever space of your home you want to improve, you can trust Total Construction for your home, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling. See our custom home remodeling portfolio for some great kitchen and bathroom remodeling ideas.

Renovations With Total Construction Company

In the Northern Virginia area, Total Construction Company provides many home improvement services that can add value to a property, and help make a home or space more functional and valuable to inhabitants. Ask us about creating all sorts of new rooms and spaces for your home, and come to us for excellent basement finishing in Centreville, a new rec room in Fairfax, or other home improvement services around NOVA.
Refinishing a basement or other space can be an excellent way to add utility to your home. It's amazing how remodeling projects can make rough, dank, and dark spaces into perfectly inhabitable living rooms, rec areas, and other types of useful living spaces.

However, these projects have to be done with a high level of attention to detail. You may have a very specific end result in mind, but without good oversight and excellent design and implementation processes, you might not end up with the result that you want.

In following through with a plan to create your dream renovation, it's important to get an experienced contractor involved. You want a company with a good track record of designing and installing new living spaces on properties, and a company that has all of its professional credentials proudly displayed — a company that's properly licensed, insured, and bonded. Anything less can leave you with liability and the potential for shoddy, uncompleted or even fraudulent work.

With the right contractor, you can add amazing value to your house. Have us do a kitchen remodel in Centreville, bathroom remodel in Reston, VA, game rooms, man-caves, or anything else that you want, right in the footprint of your existing home. So many homeowners have found that they don't have to go back to the market and try to buy a bigger house if they just invest in the right kinds of renovations that will give them a brand-new result in a previously unused space.
At Total Construction Company, we are happy to work with you and provide you with the right kind of additions for your home. Ask us about your project, whether it’s basement finishing in Centreville or a new kitchen in Chantilly or Greenbriar, and get solid, experienced help.


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